Restricted SS Cards No Longer Accepted

A restricted Social Security card may not be accepted when the new hire presents List B and C documents.


restricted social security cardThe employee must be allowed to choose what documentation to present from the lists of accepted documents found in the instructions for Form I-9. A new hire must present a document or combination of certain documents from List A ORĀ ONE document from List B AND ONE from List C.

If the employee presents a List A document, a Social Security card (or other List C document) is not required by Form I-9. The employee will write her Social Security number in Section 1 of the form.

If the employee presents a List B document AND a Social Security card as the List C document, the Social Security card MUST be unrestricted. A restricted card is one that includes one of the following notations on its face: “Not valid for employment,” “Valid for work only with INS work authorization” or “Valid for work only with DHS authorization”.

When the new hire presenting a List B document also presents a restricted Social Security card, you must reject the restricted Social Security card, since it is not an acceptable Form I-9 document, and ask the employee to choose different documentation from List A or List C of Form I-9.