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Why should I verify my employees?
We complete the I-9 form already. Do we have to enroll?
We have several hiring sites. Can you verify for all?
Does Verifyi9 provide the same service as the USCIS? Do I have to sign up for both?
What info do you need to verify my employees?
How soon must I verify after hiring?
Do I have to verify all new employees?
Should I verify the employees of my independent contractors?
Can I end my E-Verify participation at any time?
Does E-Verify protect me from an audit of our work sites?
Should I verify, even if I do not bid on public contracts?
I am a Federal Contractor. What do I do?
I am a sole proprietor. Do I have to enroll in E-Verify?
My employee is in OPT and needs E-Verify to extend it. What do I do?
My OPT employee needs my `Company ID Number.` Does Verifyi9 provide that?
Will verification add to my staff's workload?
How do I begin a verification program?
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