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Why should I verify my employees?
We complete the I-9 form already. Do we have to enroll?
We have several hiring sites. Can you verify for all?
Does Verifyi9 provide the same service as the USCIS? Do I have to sign up for both?
What info do you need to verify my employees?
How soon must I verify after hiring?
Do I have to verify all new employees?
Should I verify the employees of my independent contractors?
Can I end my E-Verify participation at any time?
Does E-Verify protect me from an audit of our work sites?
Should I verify, even if I do not bid on public contracts?
I am a Federal Contractor. What do I do?
I am a sole proprietor. Do I have to enroll in E-Verify?
My employee is in OPT and needs E-Verify to extend it. What do I do?
My OPT employee needs my `Company ID Number.` Does Verifyi9 provide that?
Will verification add to my staff's workload?
How do I begin a verification program?

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We are a GA-based company. I just hired my 10th employee; several of our employees reside outside of GA. Am I required to report all 10 through GA E-Verify? 2018-02-20T12:43:58+00:00

Actually, you are not required to report any of these 10 employees through E-Verify.

Georgia law requires an employer to enroll in E-Verify, a federal program, when the employer has more than 10 full-time employees. Their location is not relevant.

The operative date for counting employees is January 1 of any year. If, on January 1 an employer has more than 10 full-time employees, the employer is required to enroll in E-Verify and participate according to the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding; the agreement that the employer signs to participate in E-Verify.

Those terms require the employer to verify all new hires going forward and prohibits the employer from verifying existing employees (there are different rules for federal contractors). That’s why you would not “report” any of the 10 current employees in E-Verify; they were hired before you enrolled (if you did today).

If you are already enrolled in E-Verify, you must verify all new hires, regardless of the total number of employees and regardless of their location.

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